"Know who is responding with the latest in cell notification technology"

Page tone text alerts and dispatch voice audio sent right to your cell phone.

What's New:

USB Remote Controller

June 1, 2018

FTR USB Controller, control any contact circuit with the FTR system remotely or automatically. Designated personnel can control the opening of doors, lights, or just about anything with the FTR add-on option board.


FTR GPS Capable

June 25, 2016

FTR can now receive GPS location information from dispatch centers capable of sending latitude and longitude call incident coordinates, and send that information to all mobile apps.


FTR iPhone App

June 1, 2015

FTR iPhone app released.


FTR works with PageGate Software

March 31, 2015

FTR now accepts CAD data from PageGate Software systems. Get address and other vital data from dispatch CAD systems sent to FTR mobile apps. Contact FTR for integration info with your CAD system using PageGate. Also visit PageGate for more info.


FTR Awarded
United States Patent

December 3, 2013

U.S. Patent No 8,600,338


FTR Mobile App for Droids

July 20, 2013

Available now. Contact FTR to enable your system.


Version 2 Alert Receiver

August 31, 2012

Version 2 Alert Receiver - All new digital Alert Receiver for future grouping of alerts to specific groups within the department. 


Multiple Station Add-on

April 2, 2012

Multiple Station Add-0n - Allows a department with two or more stations to view their responses at those stations, plus see those responses on mobile data terminals.


Remote Send Message

September 1, 2011

Remote Send Message - Allows a department wide message to be sent from a cell phone for announcements, training, work details, etc.


Response Screen Viewer

June 1, 2011

Response Screen Viewer - See who is responding and their response status on each call remotely with an internet capable cell phone.

Top Twelve Features:

#1. Notifies all personnel simultaneously of an emergency page from your department's dispatch with a simple text message to their cell phones. FireTextResponse alerts personnel even if they are out of range of the dispatch tower.

#2. Personnel can receive the actual voice page audio of the dispatched emergency with cellular internet technology. Even if you're out of range from radio dispatch, you can still get the actual dispatch audio of the page.

#3. Personnel just simply reply to the text message with a simple single letter code of their response status. The text alert message they receive gives them the choice of codes so there is nothing to memorize.

#4. All responses are shown on a flat screen monitor in your truck bay so that responding firemen can quickly see who is responding, if they are responding, and where. There are even options for accountability of who is on scene at the location of an incident.

#5. The actual dispatch page audio is looped for 15 mintues and played over the flat screen monitor. Responding personnel to the station can hear the dispatch again to help eliminate confusion or misunderstood dispatches.

#6. You can send commands with your cell phone to control the system. Send it RADAR and your local live dopplar radar will be shown on the screen along with the latest weather forecast, current conditions, and even the latest earthquake information for your area.

#7. Duty Status allows personnel to go on or off duty within the system, any page alert automatically responds to the system for them.

#8. All dispatch times are time stamped and logged with an accurate clock synchronized with the nation's time keeper.You can print out the logs of your choice.

#9. All dispatch audio is saved in specially compressed files that reduce hard drive space but keep voice quality high for review anytime.

#10. Your personnel's phone information is totally in your control and stays on your system at your station, not on some server somewhere else across the land.

#11. You can send special messages to all of your personnel like training dates, special work details, or announcements. These messages can be sent to all personnel or to specific groups.

#12. We are continuously adding new features. All feature upgrades or updates are free along with 24/7/365 technical support.




What is it?

A supplemental emergency alert notification and response system that is fully autonomous.
FireTextResponse will alert your personnel via SMS cell phone text messaging or through our mobile app push technology on Android and iPhone mobile apps when your dispatch tones out your department. Personnel can then respond back to the message with simple one letter codes or use the mobile app with a simple one button tap that determines their response status. Their response status is then displayed on a large flat screen monitor at the station so other responding personnel can see who is responding and where, if delayed but enroute, or not able respond to the incident. Personnel also receive the actual page out voice audio delivered via cellular internet technology that is specially compressed for the human voice to maintain high quality, low bandwidth, and very fast transmission rates to a cell phone. A great backup for alerting those responders that are out of range of normal dispatch communications, forgot their pagers, or their pagers were in for repair. It's not just for fire departments, it is also used by EMS/First Aid units, Rescue Squads and more.

Why does my department need it?

So your personnel can know if, who, and where personnel are responding to a dispatched incident. It provides a supplemental way of receiving the actual dispatch page audio besides
a radio or pager. Sometimes personnel get caught without a pager, FireTextResponse will alert those responders that would have otherwise missed the call. As an officer or administrator, know
of your departments dispatch pages, what they are and where they are. Anywhere there is cell service, you'll know what's going on. To notify responding personnel of information they need to know so they can make a more informed decision on the proper response to the incident.
This day and age firemen are increasingly called upon to handle a variety of things beyond haz-mat, rescue, and the normal fire suppression duties. Even fire suppression dangers have escalated with increasing instances of drug labs that expose fire fighters to dangerous chemicals and explosive hazards. We believe even the smallest bit of extra information can sometimes make the difference. Fire department personnel are on the move in a digitally connected world.
As departments try to add new firemen to the roster, many struggle with day time runs because of limited personnel or limited interest from the public. New technologies can spark interest and gain your department more personnel. As a supplemental accountability system, know what stations personnel are responding to and if and when they arrive on scene.
It even works in Hawaii!  See Features for more info.

How does it work?

Text alerts or mobile app notifications via Android and iPhone are sent to personnel automatically when your dispatch tones out your department. Personnel simply reply to the text with a simple one letter response. On our mobiles apps its even easier with a one button tap for the response. The SMS alert text shows the possible commands so there is nothing to memorize and the mobile apps show a button for each emergency response choice.

All responses are time stamped and displayed on a flat screen at the station so responding personnel can know who is responding and where.

Receive the actual dispatch page audio straight to your cell phone via cellular internet technology.
Even if out of range of your departments radio dispatch tower, forgot the pager, or the pager in for repair. Alerts those firemen that may not have normally gotten the radio dispatch.

The dispatch page audio is looped from the flat screen so all responding personnel can hear the dispatch again. This can help reduce confusion or misunderstood dispatches.

You can send text messages to all personnel regarding special announcements, training,
and work details. Never have to send post cards or letters again. Send reminders for meetings, equipment status, or information about road status and conditions, or anything you want the entire department to know that has a cell phone capable of receiving text messages. Group messages can be sent according to rankings/titles that can be easily set in the editable user list. You can send messages to everyone or just to the Officers, or Haz-Mat, or Dive Team. You can put all your firemen into the system regardless of size. FireTextResponse will work with small, medium, or large departments.

The entire system works independently of your dispatch center. No extra dispatch agreements or complicated special interface api's from the 911 center. The system is almost completely autonomous, just keep the phone database updated with the departments latest personnel.

No special non-standard ports need forwarding thus eliminating security holes in your router/network lan system. The system is configured for auto DHCP, just plug it into your
LAN network and go.

How fast is it?

Watch this real-time video below featuring our new USB Controller Option Board
in action!  

With the USB Option Board, just about anything such as lights, doors, etc can be controlled remotely through a cell phone. And something else we are extremely proud of,
it's Made in the USA!

We've packed enough new innovation into FireTextResponse that it's even been awarded a
United States Patent, US Patent No 8,600,338 by the United States Patent & Trademark Office in Washington, DC.

Advanced Features

Stacked Tone Detection: The system will detect and ignore stacked tones if your dispatch stacks your departments tones in with others. This removes any tones and silence at the beginning of your dispatch page audio so you only get the voice portion of the dispatch, the part you need hear.

Recorder Repeater Skip: Some departments use recorder repeaters, also known as store and forward, to repeat their page and voice audio from their station if their dispatch is far way.
This skip feature will ignore the recorder repeater and only alert on the original page from dispatch.

Multiple retries if your internet connection or a network is down: The system will attempt to send out an alert multiple times up to a predetermined time frame for alert notifications.
The system is keenly aware of network connectivity and warns you when there is a problem.

Response Screen Viewer: See who is responding and their response status on each call remotely with an internet capable cell phone.

Logged time stamped alerts and responses: Dispatch page times and personnel responses
are time stamped and logged in a simple printable format.

All dispatch page audio saved: Dispatch page audio from every dispatch page is saved to a file and can be replayed from the pc interface. The last paged out audio can be replayed even from a command sent to the system from a cell phone. You can also copy or play the audio from any pc based player.

Advanced Screen Saver: The system comes with an advanced screen saver to help reduce wear on your flat screen monitor. You can add your departments own photos for all to see at the station. You can start your picture slide show by sending a command from a cell phone.
This is a big hit at special functions or dinners as others can see your department in action.
You can even play a video, even one of your own by sending it commands from a cell phone.
You'd have to see it to believe it, we've included some of our own departments videos to prove it!

Simple installation: We ship it to you, you find a good spot for the desktop pc and flat screen monitor, plug in a few cables that only plug in one way, and turn it on. Simple instructions are included. That's about it. We're available 24/7/365 to help you in any way we can to get you
up and running as quickly as possible.

The FireTextResponse System


How much does it cost?

A complete system including a one year alert system subscription, major brand desktop pc workstation, 20 inch wide screen pc monitor, keyboard and optical mouse, CD/DVD Burner, special page alert receiver built for this purpose, alert receiver cabling package, real pc workstation speakers (not those squeezed into the monitor), 32 inch major brand LCD HDTV, HDTV tilting wall bracket, 35 feet of Active HDMI video/audio cabling (longer cables available if required, 100ft maximum). Longer than 100 feet requires a booster.

Tier 500 (up to 500 runs per year) with all required hardware - ready to go: $2700 plus S&H.
Tier 1000
(501 to 1000 runs per year) with all required hardware - ready to go: $3200 plus S&H.

Beyond standard 35 feet Active HDMI high grade video/audio cabling:
50 Feet: Add $100
75 Feet: Add $125
100 Feet (maximum): Add $150

External High Gain Antenna (if needed) with 65 feet of coax including connectors pre-installed
on both ends: Add $150

The desktop pc system is your departments to keep along with the HDTV if you choose
to cancel the alert system subscription after the subscription has ended. Plus, we'll even buy back the alert receiver if you choose not to keep it (it only works with FireTextResponse).
All products are parts and labor warranted for 1 year starting the day you go online with the system. We can enter all your departments personnel into the system for you to get you started.
A broadband internet connection (512kbps or higher) is required for optimum performance.
A backup ups is recommended, however if power is lost the system will reboot and restart it's self after power is restored so you're ready to go.

There are two alert subscription pricing Tiers:

Tier 500: Less than 500 runs per year is $500 per year.
Which is about $42 a month for access to the system.
Maximum User Limit is 50 cellular devices for SMS or MMS text alerts and
75 for Android or iPhone FTR Mobile App users.

Tier 1000: Over 500 runs up to 1000 runs per year is $1000 per year.
Which is about $84 a month for access to the system.
Maximum User Limit is 25 cellular devices for SMS or MMS text alerts and
75 for Android or iPhone FTR Mobile App users.

The Tiers do not include a test page your department normally performs to test your dispatch system daily or weekly, they do not count against total runs per year for any Tier plan. We also include the Send Message feature for special announcements of training, meetings, work details, etc., for all Tier plans up to 100 messages per month. Send Message is a feature that allows simple SMS text messages that are not alert messages to be sent to your user list of personnel. You can also group these messages to go out to everyone or just a specific group such as Haz-Mat, EMS, Chiefs, Officers, etc. Most departments do not go over 100 messages per month on Send Messages. As for alert messages, those messages automatically generated by your departments radio paging system that the system automatically detects, these messages have a higher priority through the messaging system and must be in a Tier model of the amount of runs an agency generates per year.

The annual alert system subscription includes 24/7/365 technical support, plus free feature upgrades and software updates.

We are always improving and expanding our product, many departments have helped us adapt the system to meet their needs. Please contact us if you have any questions or don't see a feature listed here. Thank you for your interest in FireTextResponse!




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